The Pocket Bung

Pocket Bung is the worlds smallest and most versatile bung wrench in the industry, small enough to fit in your pocket or on your key chain. Never be without a bung wrench!

Pocket Bung is ideal for quickly and easily opening industrial storage drums, water barrels and 5 gallon and wheat buckets.

  • Will open and close all common barrel bung caps
  • Uncap 15/30/55 plastic & steel barrels
  • Non sparking and food grade materials
  • Customize it! Add your company or logo

Pocket Bung Wrench features

You no longer have to carry around large bung wrenches.

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    There when you need itKeep on top of your water barrels- stop searching for tools during an emergency

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    Lid Lifter for Food Buckets Easily remove lids from 5 gallon food grade buckets without damage

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    Tractor Supply Tool Used as a drum deheader, removes or tightens plug on most industrial drums

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    Easy Water Storage Access Bung Wrench for 55 gallon water barrels. Use for water collection

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    Barrel Bung Wrench Opens Drums 3/4" slotted bung & 2" cross bar bung

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    No More Injured Hands Remove caps from water barrels without busting your knuckles

Learn More About The Pocket Bung


Pocket Bung is used to provide grip and mechanical advantage in applying torque to turn objects.

Pocket Bung is the ideal bung wrench, made of 660 aircraft aluminum - the strongest available that is non sparking, it fits the most common bung caps in the industry whether a 5/15/30/55 plastic or steel gallon drum.

It is also made in stainless steel for food grade applications.

Pocket Bung works on the following products:

  • Mauser, Contico & Griff 55 gallon water barrels
  • Contico, API Kirk and M&M 5 gallon food grade buckets
  • Course & Fine Thread Bung tops

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Industrial Supply Magazine

Pocket Bung is strong and seems to be virtually indestructible. I highly recommend it over the plastic variety.

Mark Jankston, Northeast Farming

Pocket Bung wrench fits every thing I have tried it on. Not one complaint from me..also best price I have found!

Jake Johannson

Pocket Bung is a specialized tool that makes tightening a breeze!

Use Pocket Bung for Rain Barrels, Trash Barrels, Compost Barrels, Storage Barrels, Horse Feeders, Flotation Barrels, Horse Racing, Feed Barrels, Water Barrels, Burn Barrels and Water Collection.

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